Dear DTC E-commerce founder, Supercharge your revenue, gain lifelong customers, and reduce investment costs for an unparalleled improvement in your business with us.

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Hi! I am Zaki and if we’re going to be formal, I m the founder of FastX Media

I was eagerly waiting for you for a long time

And now you’re here

Let’s move on to the direct route

You’re here, reading these specific words sitting on your chair

But WHY?

‘Coz you are determined and firm to expand your business

Not to hear about me or my life.

So, I’ll keep it specific and limited

In 2017, I started with a clothing fashion store, partnering with my friends

We had ZERO knowledge about it

Just created a store and waiting for customers to come and buy

Thinking in dreams that will generate millions of $$$ with this business without knowing anything about design, ads or anything else…

( Of course, at that time I didn’t even know that these things matter in selling )

So, when I say that I get the challenges of growing an e-commerce business – I mean it.

Within a few months, our startup crashed badly

It was a great failure for us

Eventually, the company winded down due to the lack of customers and knowledge

Thus began the journey of building a solution for this.

I worked with digital agencies to gain experience and knowledge as well as enrolled myself in the course of TOP media buyers to polish myself

At that moment

After working in the industry with relevant people

Who tackles the problems and provides the solutions

I learnt all the ins and outs that are required for a successful business

Helped startups and small businesses worldwide to be successful

Then I started FastX Media in 2019 on my own

With a mission to help new startups and DTC e-commerce owners, small/medium businesses and Individual E-commerce owners

with tested and combined strategies, innovation, and evolution

to make their brand into the minds, hearts, and pockets of those corporations and individuals that should be helped by them

Fast forward to the current moment, and we have acquired a vast clientele worldwide, generating reported client revenue exceeding $$

And my mission is to help ecommerce brands generate millions of $$$ revenue every single month with different proven strategies.

But that’s enough about me.

I want to know about you.


🔒 100% PRIVACY. No Games, No Spam.​


After experiencing failure resulting from a lack of knowledge and experience, I promised myself to help all those DTC startups and owners who are struggling

You and your business deserve better.

If you’re doing well already then you must be looking for more

More customers…More Sales…More Freedom…More Family Time

We are here to provide you with the BEST

No more worries about how to generate more sales

No more worries about retaining the clients for a lifetime

No more worries about wasting investment on useless hiring

We help you leverage the gold mine you’re already sitting on.

The challenge isn’t making sales. The challenge is getting repeated customers and boosting the revenue

So, what’s holding you back?

You’re already here – you know you’re ready to take the next step.

Why work with US?

We got the solution to all your problems

Stop Struggling

Get yourself a bowl full of popcorn

Sit on your comfy sofa

In front of your LED

Turn your NetFlix on

Watch your favourite movie

Chill Dude Chill…

Leave everything to us

But be ready

Yeah you are just a click away from your financial freedom

Well, we have generated over $—-M in revenue for our clients. $—–to be exact – and generating more every day…

And we’ve delivered —% average ROI for our 50+ ecommerce clients across 9+ niches.

Our strategies are proven… battle-hardened in almost every niche that exists.

And for a limited time, we’re lifting the veil on our deepest secrets…

you’ll get to see the ins and outs of our most profitable strategies.

Just click the button below to get your hands on some simple, easy-to-execute tips that will make your Brand efforts considerably more profitable!

FastX Media Clients

Meet The Crew of FastX Media

Saheem Shafique

Paid Social Media Expert

Muhammad Tauseef

Business Development Executive


Facebook Ads Expert

Syed Murtaza Gillani

Email Marketing Specialist

Qaisar Abbas

Head of Creatives & Design

Rizwan Arif

Video Creatives Strategist

Soban Tariq

Graphics Design Expert

Ahmad Tahir

Graphics Designer

Zak Saeed

Founder & CEO

AbdulSami Saeed


Muhammad Zaid

Digital Growth Strategist

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