What is Search Engine Marketing Dubai

You will have noticed that you see ads based on your previous searches or websites you visited whenever you visit a website. Or reconsider while searching for something on google, and at the top, you see some results related to your search labelled as an ad. these ads you see on websites in search results are named search engine paid ads. The process of running these ads to build awareness or drive sales is called search engine marketing Dubai, and this is the best way of eCommerce marketing Dubai. 

Why we use search engines as marketing platforms

Search engine marketing Dubai is highly benefits able for businesses, especially in eCommerce. The no.1 benefit is that you can search ads and target the best audience, not just interested in your services or products but intended to buy. Moreover, search-paid advertisements offer better CTR and higher conversions than any other advertisement. Since pay-per-click is much more conveniently customized, it enables you to target particular keywords intended for your target customers.

search engine marketing dubai
search engine marketing dubai

Our SE paid ads solutions

We take pride in eCommerce solutions Dubai with the following search engine paid ads solutions for your business:

  • mobile app advertising
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Video Ads campaigns
  • product listings Ads
  • PPC and bid management
  • display ad marketing
  • setting up remarketing pixels

Why we take pride in SE paid ads

We take pride in SE paid ads for unique strategies our experts follow, Some of which are

search engine marketing dubai
SEM keyword research

Our eCommerce solutions Dubai with SEM ads work best because, Before running SEM campaigns, our experts go through the process of extensive research.

We help you identify relevant keywords to your service that potential consumers primarily utilize when searching for your product or services.

Audience research

One of the essential factors in marketing is your right targeted audience research. Targeting blindly is the major mistake most marketers make. Knowing issues and situations your targeted audience is facing and targeting them with the best solutions to their problems is necessary. Our experts help you target the right audience by focusing on ideal demographics, locations, age, gender, behaviour, and way of living after researching the best target audience.

Competitor research

we believe that having more competitors means having more chances to learn from mistakes made by others and applying solutions for those problems in your business and services. Our marketing experts conduct the comprehensive process of competitor research before getting to the point of starting marketing. We focus on strategies that are making most of their revenue, and mistakes are leading to a lower ROI. We help you identify the aspects of your services or products that are unserved or underserved by your competitors.

SEM Ad Auction strategies:

We help brands with eCommerce marketing Dubai by setting up the highest Quality scores to get a minimum bidding budget. Quality scores are the ratio of impressions and clicks your ads get in any search engine. We set the highest quality score using the best ad creatives(text, images, videos, and product listings).

Taking Testing as a habit

We are constantly testing the elements and factors that make our eCommerce solutions Dubai with SE paid ads more beneficial to our customers. We take testing in selecting ad setups, bidding strategies, choosing the best-targeted audience, and setting objectives and goals of campaigns. This testing habit guarantees 100% success and a good reputation for your brand.

search engine marketing dubai