Why Social Media?

Before we explain to you how we’ll help you market your brand with social media, it’s essential to understand why there is a need to use social media as a marketing platform. The best way to explain the importance of social media in marketing is that 4.70 billion people are using social media platforms. This ratio is about 59% of the total population of humankind. With this large audience, it is easiest to approach as many people as possible. The extra is that 68% of consumers agree that social media sites allow them to connect with brands and companies. Our social media agency Dubai help brands scale their business with social media marketing with our unique strategies.

 Types of social media marketing

The two ways social media agency Dubai chooses to go with social media marketing are organic social marketing and paid social media ads. Choosing the right strategy on these platforms can scale your brand to skyrocket. Paid and organic social are different giants and best employed for different goals. But for a broad approach that balances awareness with conversion, it is fair to understand the edges and drawbacks of each.

social media agency dubai
social media agency dubai

Organic Social Marketing

Organic social media refers to the free web content that any social media user shares on their feeds. An organic post is mainly seen by your followers, groups where your followers share your posts, and people following hashtags you use in your posts. It's a long-term and patient way to get the audience you need. our social media agency Dubai helps brands use this way to

  • establish their online presence
  • build connections by sharing informative, amusing, and motivating content
  • engage clients at every step of their buying process
  • support their consumers with customer service

Paid social media marketing

Paid social media marketing is another term for advertising. It's when a brand pays to social platforms to target the best audience. These platforms give you broad targeting options to get the most desired audience. Best paid SMM options our social media agency Dubai goes with are:

  • Facebook ads
  • Linkedin ads
  • Twitter ads
  • Youtube Ads
social media agency dubai

How we scale up brands

We help brands scale their business using paid ads

  • with our Micro-Targeting strategies for the Exact Audience
  • By setting Robust Analytics for your website.
  • By Creating Ads Catering to Your Specific Objective.
  • Utilizing the best retargeting options for People Who Have Already been engaged
  • By creating a sales funnel to convert cold audiences into hot buyers
  • By choosing the right audience, to get more Clicks and conversions for Cheap
  • Using a compelling Call-to-Action Button